Indeed this is our favorite part of our website is to be able to show you how lucrative selling plastic displays and brochure holders can be.

Imagine for a moment that you just wrote up an order for 100 imprinted pens while standing at your client's retail counter. Feel goods, right? What if I told you that the very same counter on which you wrote that order held a secret to selling thousands of dollars more worth of additional promotional products?

I'm talking about point-of-purchase and point-of-sales display products. For example, most every retail sales counter has some sort of brochure holder to display product information, credit card applications, etc. Look around at your next appointment, whether it's a boutique, restaurant or bank. Count up the business card holders, brochure displays, table tents that you see, and then consider how every franchise requires multiples of any given display item. The sales potential adds up quickly. Those 100 pens, for example, sold at $1 per piece come to a $100 order. If you were to sell the same client on a $12 literature display, multiplied by 4 displays per franchise, at 250 regional franchise locations, you've also secured a $12,000 order. The experts at The Display Source have more than 50 years combined experience manufacturing and sourcing acrylic, cardboard, wire and wood literature holders and product glorifiers. In fact, The Display Source is the only true manufacturer that creates its own molds in the United States. From concept to creation to delivery, we're on top of your order. Everything has to be done 100% correct; we don't believe 99% is good enough. Let our team of specialists help you tap the potential of this lucrative market. Read on to learn more about the segment and the products its buyers seek. We'll break the ordering process down into simple steps and provide you with compelling program ideas. We're ready to prove that The Display Source is indeed where great ideas come from.

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